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Installing Plastic Wall Panels

Plastic wall panels install from many of the same methods used for wood paneling. Unlike wooden panels, however, plastic panels are not susceptible to rot or skew in high humidity. The plaster also creates a slightly clean surface, with colors that last for years without bleaching. Quick installation is mainly cutting the panels to fit, and then screw them into place. You can fill a room installation in a single day, giving it a new look in a few hours.

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Remove existing trim or baseboard from the plastic wall panels with a pry bar. Insert the tip of the spit under the end of the board, where the first nail connects it to the wall, then squeeze to pull the card and nail from the wall. Work down the board; pull out each nail until the card is free. Remove electrical outlet cover with a screwdriver.

Measure the length of the wall, then cut the J-trim with a table saw, using a fine tooth saw blade to fit. Connect the trim on the wall, using masonry nails for walled walls or screws for wood walls and a hammer or screwdriver, placed every 18 inches along the trim length. Measure the height of the wall with a tape measure and cut the lower edges of the panels to fit using the table saw. Cut the locations of any wall socket in trim, using a knife and straight edge to measure the panel on the box location several times until you cut through the panel. Attach plastic wall panels to the walls with flat-head mason screws or plaster screws placed each 18 inches along the nail slots down the lengths of the panels.

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